La Isla y el Mar

personaltouronline lanzarote vacationsLa Isla y el Mar is a boutique hotel located in Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote and it is leading the way to bringing a new image to the island. Traditionally the island has been known as a destination for mass tourism, large hotels which although are comfortable enough, often lack a sense of the personal touch. Visitors to the island often see attractions by the bus loads on excursions organized by the travel agents that brought them to the island with few individual tourists doing their own thing. Although the island would like those same mass tourism visitors to still come to the island, it is trying to change its image to one that will also attract individual tourists for its chic, eco-friendly features.

The recently opened La Isla y el Mar Hotel is one of the first hotels to open that cater to the new feel Lanzarote but it is hoped that it is one of the first of many as more and more tourists start to arrive on the island on independently organized vacations. The hotel is well located in Puerto del Carmen as it is only 10 km from the airport and only 17 km from the island’s capital. Although the hotel has itself got much to offer visitors, it is only 400m from the beach and 500m from a shopping center and so whatever the hotel cannot provide, can be found in easy reach. The hotel’s swimming pool is located on a large terrace which affords some of the island’s best views of the ocean and snacks and drinks can be consumed there whilst you either enjoy the scenery or take a rest from bathing. The hotel also features an excellent spa which offers many different treatments, some of which have local origins whilst others are internationally known treatments. The spa does however specialize in his and her treatments and so is popular with couples of all ages. \

More information can be found about this hotel at but one of its finer features is that unlike many of the island’s other hotels, it is fairly small with only 82 rooms. Its smaller size allows the hotel staff to offer a personal service to a standard not often repeated anywhere else on the island and to cater to the culinary needs of its guests, it has two excellent restaurants apart from the snack bar on the terrace. The first of the restaurants has an a la carte menu that among other delicacies includes modern fusion cuisine. The second restaurant is a more relaxed buffet style restaurant. The buffet though consists of a mix of local foods and popular international dishes ensuring that there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Lanzarote knows it will never become the new Monte Carlo or Nice with their glitz and glamour but they do want to be taken more seriously by the independent travellers that would usually shun going to mass tourism resorts like those found on the Spanish coast or on the Spanish islands.