Rekindling an Old Flame

RekindlingAlthough we have all lost a girlfriend or boyfriend at one time or another, it is not all of us that would try and get the ex back but some do as they believe the ex was their true soul mate and no other boy or girl could replace them. For that think that, they are probably in for a hard time winning their ex back as it is well-known that it can often be harder than just finding a replacement. Today however, thanks to the internet, there is help available to them in the form of websites like offer guidance in getting back an old flame.

Although each of these different websites may not agree on everything, they all seem to agree on three things that you should try and avoid if you want to win back an ex and they are, never mention the past unless the other mentions it first. Second never stalk an ex as that can only lead to bad results and finally, never beg an ex to return to you.

Taking these points one at a time, let us look at the reasoning behind them:

Mentioning the past – this is generally thought not to be a good idea as research has shown that whilst remembering the past, never mind how good that past may have been, it will still bring back memories of some of the bad things that happened and so by mentioning the past, you may inadvertently remind your ex of the reasons why you broke up in the first place.

Stalking – stalking makes the person being stalked feel like their privacy has been violated and they will hate whoever it is doing the stalking and os if it is you, you will lose any chance you may still have had in getting your ex back.

Begging – begging can work in getting your ex back but it will not work in getting your ex back for the long term. When you beg, an ex may feel pity for you and go back to you but as that pity wears off, they start to feel a loss of respect for you due to you having to resort to begging. Therefore although begging may get back an ex for a short period, it most likely will lead to you never forming a real long term relationship with them.

You must also of course always avoid doing or saying anything which caused the break up in the first place so change your clothing or your habits if need be and it is that which makes it so hard in gaining an ex back. Also, as most relationships end due to one not wanting to commit, have patience and let the other take the first steps in taking the relationship further. This of course may require a great deal of patience but you should have already decided that it will be worth it if you can truly win back the ex.