Artificial Grass

personaltouronline artificial grassOn sports fields, you will probably have seen artificial grass but the uses for this type of synthetic grass are not restricted to sporting areas as an increasing number of people are now using artificial grass for the lawns outside their homes. Once you have laid this artificial grass it can reasonably be expected to last for at least 7 years, if not longer and in fact, some of the professionals that lay this type of grass will provide a guarantee for that period of time, plus a year for their work.

As more and more people use artificial grass for their lawns, it does not mean to say that all the houses will have lawns which look the same as there are different types of artificial grass you can buy and each of them has choices or mixes of 4 color tones. Of the synthetic turf Perth use, Summer Green is the most popular but other types may be more popular depending on the location. The other types of artificial grass which are available in the Perth area at least is; Natural Forest and Winter Green, both of which, as mentioned, come in 4 color tones but all are also 35mm in height.

In order to have artificial grass laid at your home or even your work site, you will have to contact a company which specializes in laying this type of grass. Even if you intend to lay the grass yourself, you will want to contact them in order to place your order and if necessary, ask for instructions on how best to lay the lawn. Obviously, in order for it to look nice, it will have to be laid correctly which may need some specialist tools, and as well as the traditional shovel, rake, hammer, and nails.

Once the artificial grass has been laid correctly, which the specialists’ companies will usually give you a guarantee for, if they lay it, it should last for at least 7 years, which the specialist companies will often also give you a guarantee for. There is little doubt that the synthetic grass which is available today, not only looks good but is also convenient and lasting.

If you do intend to lay the artificial grass yourself, you will first have to dig about 100mm and then fill with crushed rock as a base for the turf. Then, once the turf has been laid you will have to smooth it down, adding sand where needed in order to join the chunks of turf. The artificial grass will have to be left untouched for a while as any traffic across it may ruin the lawn.

There are professional companies which specialize in laying artificial grass all over the country and so it is perhaps best to leave the task to those experts, especially if you have not laid turf before, regardless of how many other DIY jobs you may have done in the past. If you still want to lay it DIY, the companies are happy to give you advice.